Post-Easter Treats

If you're anything like me (a pastor) you were incredibly busy last week! And that's my excuse for not posting for a couple weeks... Heh heh...

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Easter! I came across a couple things that I wanted to pass on to you:
  1. 10 Ways to Keep Me From Discovering Your Church - This blog post at Church Redone is a great tongue-in-cheek description of ten things churches should do keep people from finding them. Good for a laugh; better for some good insight.
  2. Mr. Deity - Our Interim Pastor told me about this one. Really funny! Not always the best theology, but still good for a laugh. There are ten episodes so far, and I'm including my favorite right here. To see the rest of the episodes, click here.


Kyle said...

Ah, but see, I think the problem is that really is how many Christians understand and tell the Christian story.

It's surely bad theology, but it's come all too normal and commonplace - the difference is that these characters understand that it's more than a little dodgy - it's a bad story!

Dustin Reynolds said...

Thats pretty funny Markus,it made me laugh. God does have a higher voice then I imagined though...

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