Back Home--oh, and Evangelicalism

Been in L.A. now for a couple days--and I'm loving it! Seeing some of my old favorite places, some of my old friends, family, etc., etc., etc.... My 14-month-old son, Micah, had his first taste of In-n-Out yesterday! And tomorrow night--drumroll please--gaming night!! Woohoo!! Hours and hours of Warcraft 3 with my old buds!

Also came across an interesting series of reflections about Evangelicalism (to which I would say I generally subscribe) on a site called Gathering in Light. Pretty interesting stuff worthy of consideration.

Here are the five parts to this series:

Part I - Reflections on Evangelicalism
Part II - What Evangelicalism Is
Part III - Critiques and Possibilities - Biblicism
Part IV - Critiques and Possibilities - Spiritually Transformed Life
Part V - Evangelicalism as a Subculture


wess said...

Markus, thanks for the link I am glad you could get some use out of those posts and thanks for the heads up about the broken links. I've fixed my features page - but here are the links as well.



Anonymous said...

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