A New Thing

One thing I haven't mentioned in my past couple of posts is that Chuck, our Senior Pastor here at Union Presbyterian Church, recently resigned. In fact, last Sunday was Chuck's last.

That made today my first Sunday as the only pastor at our church! And I made it!! Whew...

Today was also Pentecost Sunday, so I took this as an opportunity to talk about the "new thing" that God is going to be doing in our church. And I really believe that.

I believe that God is always planning to do something new. The thing that the church needs to do is "perceive it" (Isaiah 43:19).

But that can really be the hard part! The ability to perceive the "new thing" that God is doing requires a certain level of openness and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

So the question for our church is, "Do we have that kind of openness and sensitivitiy?" I sure hope so. I pray that I and the rest in our congregation might have that kind of sensitivity and openness.