Christians in "The Office"

Hey, this might be the end of the drought!

So, I've been watching "The Office" on DVD for the past few weeks. My wife and I are on Season 2 right now, and it was finally revealed that the character of Angela (Angela Kinsey) is a Christian.

Great!! Right?

Not really. Angela is the b**** in the office. She's no fun. Never smiles. Always wants to work. Makes everybody feel uncomfortable. Looks down on her co-workers. Tends to make snide comments.

At first, I was kinda ticked off by this. "Oh, great! There goes Hollywood, making us Christians look bad again!"

But then I thought, "Actually, this is probably how they really view most of us. And we need to learn from this."

And why do people view us as judgmental, uninspiring, and full of contempt. Sadly, I suspect it's because that's how a lot of Christians are--that's at least the impression I would get as a non-Christian watching this video:


DGH said...

Watch Studio 60!!! Not only is it some of te best writting I have ever seen on TV....it actually has a Baptist Christian on there that can think for her self ....most of te time, heh.

Markus Watson said...

That's cool! I'll check it out.

Russell Smith said...

Stretchy-man -- just wanted to let you know that I've linked to your hospitality series over at the PGF Outbox (though I was thinking you might have more posts) -- great stuff that you're doing over here.

Todd Hiestand said...

yah, too bad we are not more known for what we are for than what we are against eh?

jdatjd@gmail.com said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the time you put into it.
On your comment: "people view us as judgmental, uninspiring, and full of contempt ..."
That may be what they think of "us" but what do they think of you? Perhaps you surprise people when they find you are a Christian and none of those other nasty things. If that's the case, their generalization about all Christians becomes your opening to change their lives and attitudes ... one Christian at a time as it were. We know that we should expect to be dispised because Jesus was dispised. My big challenge is to be dispised for all the right reasons. (I hate to say this, but I'm one of those Christians who is all too frequently judgmental, uninspiring, and full of contempt: frequently in need of being put in my place.)
Hey, I know you know that. I'm not trying to correct, but to share what your comments inspired.
See you at the finish line.

Anonymous said...

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