Older than Jesus...

(My camera is with the Geek Squad right now, so I don't actually have any birthday pics. This is me and my college buddy, Ted, a couple of months ago.)

Yes, as of yesterday (can't believe I forgot to mention it!) I am now older than Jesus ever was when he was on this earth. On Sunday, November 19, I turned 34.

On the one hand, I'm becoming more and more comfortable in my "oldness"--y'know, not being a hip 20-something anymore. On the other hand, 34 sounds so much older to me than 33! Thirty-three is still arguably your "early thirties." At 34, you've clearly reached your "mid thirties".


But I'm ok with that. I've grown a lot personally in the last couple of years. And I feel like my age is reflective of my life experience. And that's a good thing.

So life is good. And I'm happy to be 34!


DGH said...

Happy Birthday man...I totally forgot about that one! Sorry! I hop eyou had fun! I know I did...and I need to call you soon...take care! God bless!

Ted said...

Markus, Happy Birthday!!! What do you mean you're only 34. I'm 35 ... how am I older than you? I thought you were older than me. YOU ARE! Ok, I've got that out of my system. Man, its been a pleasure to know you for some of those 34 years!

Kyle said...

Happy Birthday!