Revolution, here we come!!

Just got off the phone with D.G. to finalize our travel plans for tomorrow morning. He'll be at my place to pick me up at 6:30 a.m. (woo-hoo! and I still have to pack!). And then we're off to Seattle for the Revolution Conference!

I'm really excited about this trip several reasons:
  • I get to hang out with D.G. for four days!
  • I've never been to Seattle, so that'll be fun!
  • I get to meet a bunch of other ministry creatives!
  • I get to see fish-throwing!
  • I get to see the place that has changed the face of a generation--the original Starbucks!
Next time I post I'll be in Seattle!


Wes Carlson said...

cool man! hope you have a good and growing experience! and yeah, chad and I will watch Nacho libre with you..if you havent watched it yet. see ya!

Russell Smith said...

Hope you and DG will be blogging through the conference -- give us a taste of the experience there!

Anonymous said...

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