Launch Conference, Part 9: Evangelism

Yikes! It's been almost a week since my last post! To be honest, it has something with my Lent commitment this year, but I'll tell you more about that in a separate post.

For now, here is (at long last) the next section of my notes from The Launch Conference. This section is called Evangelism: Reaching People from Scratch. Here goes....

"Your target is not your market." --Jack Trout and Al Reis, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
  • The only way to reach your market is to focus on your target.
  • My target determines my marketing.

Key Question: Who am I trying to reach?

My Target Determines My:
  • Marketing - make sure publicity is appropriate to your target
  • Music - the music you choose is the #1 defining characteristic of your church
  • First Service - where you meet, for example
  • Comeback Events
  • Entire Church

Four Questions to Focus my Evangelism Efforts
  1. Who are the key population groups living in my area?
  2. What population group is not being reached effectively?
  3. What population group do I best relate to? (keep in mind that just because you have a heart for someone doesn't mean you can relate to them)
  4. What is my unique "Sweet Spot"? (the intersection of those first three questions)

Three Evangelism Truths
  1. People are more open to the gospel when they are in trouble.
  2. People are more open to the gospel when they are in transition.
  3. People are more open to the gospel when they are under tension.
Regarding "transition":
  • Moving, marriage, having kids, loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, loss of a dream
  • What transitions are people experiencing in your area?

Five Ideas for Reaching People
  1. Direct Marketing
  2. Mission Teams (teams from other churches; e.g., to hang door hangers, to "prayer walk" or "prayer drive" an area)
  3. Servant Evangelism (showing God's love in a practical way to the people in your city; e.g., handing out water, granola bars, etc. with invite cards)
  4. Events (non-threatening, easy to enter events; atmosphere of Christian hospitality)
  5. People Inviting People


Pastor Chris said...
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Pastor Chris said...

Great post. These are helpful things to think about in both planting a church and growing an existing church.

Pastor Chris
Evangelism Coach

Markus Watson said...

Absolutely! What I liked about the Launch Conference was that most of the info was also applicable to existing churches.

Anonymous said...

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