Presbyterian + Emergent = Presbymergent -- Is it possible?!

Just found a new website as I was browsing Kairos Blog called Presbymergent. It's a website for Presbyterians who are or who want to be part of the emergent conversation.

A couple of cool things I've discovered about the site so far:
  • The site went live on January 26, 2007--that's less than a week ago!--and they've already got all kinds of traffic.
  • Anyone who registers is automatically set up as a contributor. That means that anyone can post an article (once it's approved by the administrator, of course).
  • They are currently covering some of the seminars and sessions from the Mainline Emergent/s conference.
Anyway, give 'em a look-see and see what you think--especially if you're a presbymergent!


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