Back with an Announcement!

Yeah, yeah... I know it's been over two weeks since my last post. But I have a really good excuse. I blame it on D.G. I lent him my notes from class and I haven't gotten them back yet! Yeah, that's it! It's all D.G.'s fault! That's why I haven't posted in over two weeks!

Ok, so it's not really D.G.'s fault. Actually, it just got really busy around here, but I promise I'll give you a few more thoughts on that class I took.

For now, I just want to announce that my wife, Robin, is pregnant again! Woo-hoo!! We are both super-excited and can't wait to be Mommy and Daddy again! And I can't believe that Micah is going to be old enough to be a big brother!

And that's it for now... Over and out.


DGH said...

Still happy for ya..and hey if you need to make me the fall guy go for it...I can take it, heh.... love yall!

Anonymous said...

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