A million--I mean ten--years ago...

Remember back when we didn't have cell phones? That was only ten years ago.

Remember when we didn't have e-mail? That was about fifteen years ago.

How did we live? How did we make it through life?

What would we do when we ran out of gas five miles from home? Oh, yeah... I remember. We'd go to someone's house and ask if we could use the phone.


Without being too sentimental, I have to admit that it was kinda nice in those good ol' days. No e-mail. No cell phones. It was nice to not always be connected.

Sometimes I wish I could not be connected now. Sure cell phones are convenient. But sometimes it bugs the crap out of me that anyone can reach me anytime.

I've become so dependent on my technology. I don't want to give up my cell phone, or my e-mail, or my internet, or my Palm TX... And while these things are technically my servant, I often feel like I'm the one who is enslaved to the technology.

Maybe I should just stop using these things altogether. Maybe I should just take a break from my cell phone, my e-mail, my internet....

Nope. I don't think I could do it.

But a friend of mine did do it. Aaron Klinefelter, a pastor at Vineyard Central in Cincinnati, took a "digital sabbatical" during the month of July. We had lunch together a week and a half ago and I asked him all about. To read the reflections of one who is much stronger than I am, check out Aaron's latest blog post talking about his time of non-connectedness.