What a Guy!

Ok, so I feel a little bad after giving D.G. a hard time in yesterday's post because today D.G. came by to drop off my notes from the class. I remind you that that is definitely not the reason it took so long for me to post. Life just got busy.

But not only did D.G. drop off my notes, he also helped me out in a big way today. When I arrived in Newport for our weekly meeting in Newport at Starbucks, my car started started overheating. Luckily I was already parking when it happened.

No big deal though. A hose popped off and all I needed was a screwdriver so I could reattach it. When I met Benji and D.G. at Starbucks I asked if either of them had a flathead screwdriver and, of course, D.G. said he did. So as we were getting ready to go, D.G. came over with me to fix my car. We got it fixed, put in the rest of the coolant I had in my trunk, and we were off. But first D.G. told me that if I had any problems to call him and he'd come help.

I had problems. As soon as I was getting onto the 471, I realized I was overheating again. I pulled over and called D.G. As soon as I'd told him, he was picking up some more coolant for me. A few minutes later he showed up behind me with the coolant.

What a guy!! Thanks, D.G.!

Ok. I feel a little less guilty now about giving D.G. a hard time yesterday....


DGH said...

flatery will get you....somewhere, heh....no promlem man...this is just stuff Christians do...well all of us should do, heh.

Dustin Reynolds said...

hey man, long time no speako. Just letting you know I started a new blog kinda by accident but then kinda on purpose because I thought I could use a new twist or something you know. Check it out if you get a chance. www.thejunkmovement.blogspot.com I think. Maybe its blogger.com, Im sure you can figure it out. Hope all is well. Alot of new stuff happening here so I would love to talk to you. Take care and tell everyone guten tag for me back at the residence.

Anonymous said...

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